What are the requirements for finding merchant marine jobs?

Merchant Mariner Employment Information

The U.S merchant marine jobs are some of the most sought after among job seeking crowds trying to find work on seafaring and inland maritime vessels. Finding a job can be tough and not many people actually manage to get the opportunity to work on a ship. The most important aspect however, to finding entry level merchant marine jobs is to be well informed about the requirements that mariners must meet in order to be considered for employment. You can apply for your Merchant Mariner’s document with the U.S coast guard for free, but one still needs more qualifications and experience in order to find a job. The Basic Safety Training license and the Standards of Training and Watchkeeping Certification are among the basic certifications that one needs to get entry level jobs.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, these documents can sometimes not be enough, which is why one needs to understand how to obtain further training and seatime without yet being employable. For instance, further training can enable you to obtain an able seaman ratting or a license as a Qualified Member of Engine Department. There are plenty of additional training courses one can take in order to get the desired merchant marine jobs, but BUYER BEWARE… don’t spend your money with just any school because you can easily spend thousands and still not be employable. Cooking and cleaning skills are in high demand for entry level positions, while engineers, masters and mates can take up other training course to diversify their skill sets to a level where they remain marketable.

Other than training credentials, mariners also have to pass the physical fitness test during recruitment for training. To join a merchant marine academy, for example, candidates have to prove their level of fitness through a serious of physical examinations that are meant to test their agility and overall fitness. In addition, a drug screening test will also be carried out as well as a background check on criminal records. You can still sail with a criminal record as long as you’re honest about it when asked by the Coast Guard.

It is important to stay updated with the qualifications that merchant mariners have to meet since the industry is quite dynamic. New skills keep coming in demand, especially with advances in technology and maritime procedures. A good way to stay abreast of what’s going on in the maritime industry is to be an active participant in merchant marine forums and seeking information about merchant sailors like me on the web. This is not only helpful to those that are already employed, but also to those seeking merchant marine jobs. In addition, the Internet provides a convenient way to know all about the merchant marine application process as well as training programs.

Without the right information about careers at sea, it is likely that you will experience a stressful job hunt. But, you can make your task for finding merchant marine jobs easier by simply acquiring this informative e-book titled, Heave Ho, How to Become a Sailor in the U.S Merchant Marine Fleet. It’s an in-depth e-book covering the relevant credentials for merchant mariners, information about the best maritime schools in the U.S., the lifestyle of working and living at sea and most importantly, the secret to joining the U.S merchant marine industry.

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