Find Out How to Obtain Your First Job as a Merchant Mariner on a U.S. Flagged Maritime Vessel!

United States Merchant Marine Jobs

Are you living in the U.S and in need of a job? Did you know that one of the most rewarding ways to earn a living is to work as a merchant mariner aboard a U.S flagged seafaring vessel? Well, if you are desperately trying to find a job, this is one employment opportunity that is worth looking into. Numerous individuals set out to seek careers in the private and federal owned American flagged vessels and inland waterway trade carriers, and with good reason. Basically, merchant mariner crew workers transport goods, services and people to other countries on container ships, barge-pulling tugs, tankers and other kinds of vessels. As such, the lifestyle of a merchant mariner involves the thrill of traveling to different parts of the world along with spending several months at sea.

Besides being adventurous, this line of work can be quite rewarding on the financial side as well. Depending on your qualifications, experience and position, monthly wages can range from $6000 to$10,000 per month for starting and mid-level posts up to $20,000 to $30,000 per month for chief stewards, officers and Captains working as a U.S merchant mariners. Of course most people start out with entry level jobs and work their way up the ranks by obtaining more experience and credentials. However, getting your first job as a merchant mariner is the biggest hurdle to jump. With no work experience, it can indeed be quite difficult to find a job as a sailor and perhaps more so than in any other field. However, if you want to beat the deadlock in your merchant marine job search and become eligible for employment opportunities, then it is vital to have the right knowledge with regards to the ins and outs of pursing a job at sea.

Regardless of what role you would want to fill, it is important to have the required information that will steer you towards the right direction. To find answers on how to secure your very first job in the industry, simply get our book entitled ‘Heave Ho – How to Become a Sailor in the U.S Merchant Marine Fleet’ with this information in hand, you will uncover the truth on how realize your dream of becoming a merchant sailor.

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