Sale Price on Information about How to Obtain Merchant Marine Jobs

How to Join the Merchant Marines

If you’re living in the U.S. right now then you know that the job market is not good at all. If you’re a single guy you know that it’s hard just to make enough to cover your own expenses much less save to help others or travel the world. One possible solution is to become a U.S. Merchant Mariner. I’ve done it myself, traveled the world making up to $350 to $400 per day with no expenses whatsoever, and lived to tell the tale and write a book about it. Amazing, you say? Yeah, it was amazing and now even more amazing I’ve put the book on sale for 50% off for a limited time, so if you’re into understanding how you can travel the world and save money and enjoy being able to come and go from work and spend up to five months a year on vacation while maintaining your employ-ability and credentials, you should check out my book.

Why should I pay for information on how to do that when there’s free information available on the Internet about that, you might say? Here’s why … because I can show you the important concepts about how to go from the average man or woman on the street to becoming employable as a merchant mariner. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for you (as you’ll know the inside secrets) it’s not as simple as going and getting a Z-card and shipping off the next week like it was in the 1960’s. Though a book like mine would have been useful back then, it’s way more useful now when things are less simple and all the credentials in the world won’t get you hired without the experience to match, and in a world where you need experience to get the credentials to get you employable… you see, it’s a circle, no job no experience, no experience no job. Knowing the game will help you circumvent the problem and win the day.

So take advantage of my limited time offer by clicking here to purchase my book Heave Ho about how to become a merchant mariner in the shortest possible time by spending the least amount of money in the process, having fun along the way, and choosing a path that surely leads to success instead of buying training at every school that sends you an email to sign up for a class to get you a credential that may (OR MAY NOT) help you become employed as a high-wage-earning sailor aboard U.S. flagged ships and tugboats. It’s not impossible and almost anyone can qualify if they’re determined to make it, but you need this guide that I wrote to understand how to enter the industry on your terms so that you’re on the fast track to being employed and beginning your career as a U.S. merchant sailor. So don’t hesitate. It’s only a few bucks and it carries a full money back guarantee … the risk is on me… I tell you how to enter the industry and if you don’t feel that the wisdom that I provide is worth the measly $9.12 that you paid for it, just contact me for a full refund, no problem. Trust me, whether you join the merchant fleet or whether you don’t this knowledge will benefit you and you’ll be glad you paid a few bucks to gain a full understanding of your options from a guide written by me, a guy that’s been there and done that. Click here to buy the Heave Ho book today quick before the price goes up again to double the sale price.

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