After some limited experience with sailboats and small powerboats as a kid, at age 26, I quit my job as a stockbroker and drove to Florida with the idea that I was going to work on a boat as yacht crew.  I sailed a few months as “captain” of a 46 foot sailing yacht before later joining the crew of a Swan 65 sailing yacht to cross the Caribbean Sea under sail.  It was a marvelous experience and I was hooked on the idea of making money as a sailor and traveling the world, but I soon discovered that the process was not as easy as it seemed at first.

I was looking to work on a boat in a way that allowed me to feel that I was a first class individual, meaning that I, as crew, was not subservient or lesser than the owners of the boat, and I discovered that work boats provided such an atmosphere.  Also I was looking for an opportunity to build my credentials to a level where I could work a few months and then take a few months off to travel.

Ultimately I discovered the solutions to these mysteries and many more, as I worked on ships, including several large cruise ships and also on tugboats.  I learned the ins and outs of the marine industry and most importantly I learned the specific methodologies you can use to get out to sea in a way that gets you paid and provides you the security of attaining and maintaining qualifications that few people in the world have the right to attain (US Citizens and Residents only) and even fewer have the knowledge and forethought to obtain and maintain.

These qualifications are generally in pretty high demand meaning that if you can get and keep the certifications there will be work available and that work generally will pay well AND you can come and go as you choose and create long vacations for yourself between jobs.  I’ve had jobs where we were paid for weeks and months at a time to literally do nothing but sleep and eat, read and watch TV.  Where’s that job, you ask?  How can I get that job?  Check out my new book entitled Heave Ho, How to Become a Sailor in the US Merchant Marine Fleet